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weight loss trainer

Weight loss trainer: a special type of personal trainer

By Phil Clark / October 12, 2017

Jacki Takwa had been through some of the main stages of life—dating, getting married and having kids—and with each step she grew a little bigger. By the time she was 39 years old, she was 166 pounds at 5 feet 4 inches, and she wanted to lose 20 pounds. So she one day walked through…

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weight loss calculator

Weight Loss Calculator: The Training Station Gym’s secret weapon

By Phil Clark / October 4, 2017

You glance at the menu board to know the number of calories in your bacon cheeseburger value meal. Where do you find the number of calories that your workout will burn? Why not at your gym? That’s why we created The Training Station Weight Loss Calculator. If a member plans to do, for example, 20…

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Philadelphia Marathon training

Philadelphia Marathon Training: Building Confidence

By Phil Clark / September 27, 2017

When I was a high school cross country runner who volunteered at this race, Philadelphia Marathon training was a distant idea, farther away than the distance I would travel to live among the geniuses of running. They were all gathered in Baton Rouge—from Turkey and Algeria, Canada, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Australia,…

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There Are Smartphone Holders on the Cybex Eagle Machines!

By Phil Clark / August 21, 2017

So, download the Cybex Eagle NX app and bring your phone to the workout. App Features: *Set-up guide to ensure exercisers are using the machine in the right way with good form *Diagram of muscles each machine targets *Videos demonstrating the standard movements for each machine to acquaint all levels of exercisers with the equipment…

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The Training Station on TV!!

By Phil Clark / August 11, 2017

We will be featured on FYI Philly’s “Best of Philly” episode. It airs on WPVI-TV, channel 6, ABC, at 7PM. Check out the commercial for the episode: FYI Philly Facebook Page

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The Real Source of Drugs in Sport

By Phil Clark / August 9, 2017

Coach is the name for God on the lips of athletes in the Olympic sports. We often leave everything behind to go live where our coaches live. We hang onto every word. We crave every glance. A friend of mine was his country’s national record holder in the Pole Vault. He moved halfway around the…

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We won the Best of Philadelphia award!!

By Phil Clark / July 20, 2017

It is with great joy that we share our most recent award from Philadelphia Magazine: Best Secret Gym 2017! Philadelphia Magazine awarded us “Best Gym” back in 2012. It’s so much sweeter the second time around!

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belly body calories diet

Being Out of Shape Can Be Great for Your Physique

By Phil Clark / July 7, 2017

The less you exercise, the greater the effect of exercise will be on your body. New exercisers gain the most muscle and loose the most fat. People who have been exercising for years probably don’t see much physical change from year to year. If you’re a new exerciser hoping to look great, you’ll really enjoy…

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gym acceptance dumbbells

Gyms Will Take Anybody, But They Shouldn’t

By Phil Clark / July 1, 2017

A guy who recently joined The Training Station called me a couple of weeks ago. He said, “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you limit the number of members? It sounds like a great idea. But the other gyms don’t do it. How are you able to do it?” There are only so…

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Contracts are a bad idea

Two Reasons Why Gym Contracts are a Bad Idea.

By Phil Clark / June 27, 2017

First, they have a sordid past. Pennsylvania residents had so many problems with gyms and contracts that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of PA had to protect them with the Health Club Act. The purpose of the Act is to prohibit “false and misleading advertising and dishonest, deceptive and unscrupulous practices by which the…

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