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How to increase your bench press

By Phil Clark / May 18, 2019

If you’re training for the bench press, make sure the means match the ends–which is to have a big bench. That’s how to increase your bench press, in a nutshell: match ends and means. What do we mean by ‘means?’ For this post, ‘means’ are the ways that exercise is organized. When training, you do…

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Philadelphia Marathon training

Philadelphia Marathon Training: Building Confidence

By Phil Clark / May 4, 2019

When I was a high school cross country runner who volunteered at this race, Philadelphia Marathon training was a distant idea, farther away than the distance I would travel to live among the geniuses of running. They were all gathered in Baton Rouge—from Turkey and Algeria, Canada, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Australia,…

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gain muscle

Weight loss trainer: a special type of personal trainer

By Phil Clark / April 27, 2019

Jacki Takwa had been through some of the main stages of life—dating, getting married and having kids. She grew a little bigger at each stage. By the time she was 39 years old, she was 166 pounds at 5 feet 4 inches, and she wanted to lose 20 pounds. So she one day walked through…

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muscle soreness

Are sore muscles a sign of a good workout?

By Phil Clark / April 20, 2019

Muscle soreness is an unavoidable side effect of exercise. Exertion or injury will cause muscle soreness. If the muscle soreness is caused by exertion, then it’s harmless. But if it’s caused by injury, then it’s not a good thing. Don’t confuse injury with muscle soreness Inflammation is the body’s healing response to injury, and its…

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do cardio everyday

Should I do cardio everyday?

By Phil Clark / April 13, 2019

People who want to lose weight don’t have to do cardio everyday, but they should know that a specific amount of exercise is required to lose weight. Scholastic, collegiate, or post-collegiate athletes—competing in aerobic-based sports—should do cardio everyday. People doing cardio for health benefits don’t have to do cardio everyday, but they should know that…

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does hiit work

Does HIIT Work?

By Phil Clark / April 6, 2019

The American College of Sports Medicine predicts that HIIT will be the third-highest fitness trend in 2019. There are a number of gyms that offer HIIT programs. Which leads us to ask, Does HIIT work? The answer is elusive because many different exercise programs are called HITT. Does HIIT mean one thing? And if so,…

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Plyometrics in your training program

By Phil Clark / March 30, 2019

I was introduced to plyometrics as an athlete. It started in high school and I did more of them during each successive stage of my career.   Plyometrics is a fundamental type of training for athletes     Plyometrics is widespread in sports because it features a lot of jumping exercises and athletes do a…

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assisted pull-ups

Assisted pull-ups can help build strength

By Phil Clark / March 23, 2019

There was a time when I couldn’t do more than 1 or two pull-ups at a time. Which is why I was interested when I saw a machine that gave assistance during the pull-up. I used it. I did sets and reps of the pull up for the first time. My problem was that I…

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Squat depth: let powerlifters be your guide

By Phil Clark / March 16, 2019

Amateurs look for tips from professionals. Young basketball players watch YouTube clips of All-Stars’ moves. High school football players copy NFL conditioning drills. The squat is one of the three events in a sport called Powerlifting. If you want to know how low to go in the squat, it can’t hurt to know how low…

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personal training program

A personal training program that always produces results

By Phil Clark / March 9, 2019

Our attitude is that personal training consumers are buying a result, not simply a service. We have built a personal training program that gets results, each and every time. Here are the steps in our process. Step 1 First is a two-part interview that begins with the staff and that ends with me. We ask…

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