Well, The Training Station opened its doors at 5th and Spring Garden less than three months ago and the place already feels like home. We have old members, new members, Spring is near and we want to make sure everyone’s up to speed on some of our new programs offered to members. Then we want to brag a bit and show off some new accolades.
For the handful of new members, in true TTS style, we don’t email a lot. Much like our “non-sales pitch” when you joined, we try not to bother you. That said, when we do email, it’s usually pretty good stuff. We hope you glance through it.

Studio Classes
When we were putting together the new facility, we wanted a way to provide more personalized training. Phil only has so many hours in a day, and not everyone has a budget for a trainer. And, thus, our Studio Classes were born. We built an exclusive, small group fitness studio for classes including Barre, Yoga, Cycling (“Spinning”), and Boot Camp. We purposely kept the classroom small. Small class sizes promote an atmosphere conducive to peak performance due to the instructor ability to provide individual attention to each student. Whether they’re pumping you up during spin or fixing your pose in Yoga, this intimate setting will do wonders for your personal fitness.
As members, you have special pricing options not available to the public. You can check them out here. Book a class here.

New Exerciser Consultation
As members, you know that our facilities accommodate everyone from new exercisers to fitness fanatics. We’re trying out a “New Exerciser Consultation.” This is not a ploy to sell personal training. We have amazing facilities and we want to be sure all of our members are able to meet their goals. Phil has created a calculator that accurately estimates energy expenditure during exercise. The calculator is programmed with the same energy expenditure equations used in physiology labs worldwide.
So, for example, say your doctor suggested you lose some weight but you have a tight schedule and can only make it to the gym a few times a week. Too often folks go to the gym and walk around, a bit lost. You need to maximize each visit. Stop by and see us, and we can calculate, based on your specific data (age, sex, weight, schedule), how many calories you need to burn with each visit and the type of stuff you should be doing to achieve such a workout. For many, this will be more than enough to get on track. If you want a detailed customized workout, written specifically for you, we can write one for $20.00. (That’s a steal).
This service isn’t just for new members — it’s open to all members. We’re unsure for how long we’ll be offering it, so take advantage of it while you can. Read more about it here.

The Press continues to love us. On January 2nd, we were on FYI Philly. On Jan 5, Philly Voices wrote about us in “Six local gyms for kick-starting your New Year’s resolution.” But most exciting of all, 6abc will soon be featuring Phil in a recurring segment called “Phil Clark’s Office Hours: The Best Answers to Everyday Questions About Fitness” Stay tuned!
-The Training Station