We always want to do business with a clean conscience. The best way to achieve that is by adopting consumer-friendly practices. Many of our members choose to continue exercising in the time of corona. Now is the time to talk about how we make this a place that protects them from coronavirus and all harmful microorganisms.

Relentlessly cleaning away coronavirus, cold and flu viruses, and everything else

Years ago we paid a janitorial consultant who wrote an 85-page report about how to keep our facility clean. It described a set of guidelines known as the “5 Levels of Cleaning.” The levels range from Level 1—“Orderly Spotlessness”—down to Level 5—“Unkempt Neglect.” Those guidelines were originally adopted by higher-education facilities in 1992 and are now followed by serious cleaning and maintenance managers of schools, museums, and public buildings.  

We have maintained the Level 1 standard from the first day we opened, 10 years ago. Here’s the description for Level 1: “Level 1 establishes cleaning at the highest level. It was developed for the corporate suite, the donated building or the historical focal point. This is show-quality cleaning for the prime facility.”

That perfectly describes us.


We have a GymValet on virtually every piece of equipment and over 45 spray bottles and towels throughout the facility. Each GymValet holds a spray bottle and a cleaning towel. The spray bottles are filled with HDQ Neutral, which is a hospital disinfectant and detergent that destroys human Coronavirus–and seven-page-long list of other organisms. Every member has the right-at-hand convenience of a bottle and towel to clean before and after using the equipment. We also have best-in-class washing and drying machines that are solely here for us to continuously wash and dry the towels from the machines.

There are two hand-sanitizing stations on the workout floor. We have a total of four sinks to be used for handwashing.

Any day that we’re open for business, a company cleans all floors, removes dust and dirt from all other surfaces, makes every bathroom gleam, empties all trash, and disinfects with a bleach solution. (We’re not crazy about the corrosion that bleach can cause but there’s no better way to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces.)

Members are helping in the fight

In addition to all of the above, we have conscientious members. We regularly see people using the spray bottles and towels, using the hand sanitizer, and we hear the sound of hand dryers running in the bathrooms—which is a good sign that folks are washing their hands.

The arrival of coronavirus has increased those long-standing practices and started new ones. Some people are washing their hands with soap and following that with hand sanitizer. We’ve seen others use their own disinfecting wipes on the lockers that they used.

Coronavirus loves crowds, we don’t

We have always been against a crowded gym and have always limited our membership. We stand ready to use a waitlist when necessary. There are typically between two and twenty members here at any one time. We don’t have classes because our spaces are not big enough to give adequate square footage per exerciser.


We have always been doing what we are supposed to be doing. Our members are doing the things that they are supposed to do. Together we make the Training Station Gym one of the safest places to exercise for fitness and, these days more importantly, for health.