The Institute of Medicine recommends that almost all men drink 16 cups and that almost all women drink 11 cups of water per day.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t drink that many cups of water. You no doubt eat half of that water, if not more.

That’s because the foods that you regularly eat average just over 50% water by weight.

Non-water fluids, fruits and veggies are almost all water. Navel oranges are 86% water; Bud Light, cooked zucchini and raw tomatoes are all 95% water.

There’s even a lot of water in foods not considered moist. A fat-less chuck steak grilled medium well is still 62% water, cooked brown rice is 73% water, baked potato is 47% water, pizza is 43% water, and wheat bread is 35% water.

Fats and oils are the only foods with no water that you normally consume.

When you catch yourself eating more than you should, consider that thirst may be driving you. Try putting down the fork and drinking some water!