Amy never asked to be among the fittest in Philadelphia. She runs a nationwide law practice and just wanted to improve her fitness and to keep her sanity. She didn’t know how far the improvement would go.

She Didn’t Start with Us

Amy did personal training up to four times per week at other gyms. They introduced her to barbell exercises, plyometrics, rowing, running, AirBike cycling, bodyweight exercises, and interval training. She had a background in swimming from her teenage summers as a lifeguard.  She resumed swimming and started road cycling and put those two together with running and then entered triathlons. She was exercising up to six days a week.

Then Amy moved into our neighborhood, heard good things from her sister about The Training Station Gym, and gave our personal training program a try.

Her total-body strength looked like this at the start of our program:

Muscle group Strength (pounds)
Lats 80
Triceps 70
Hamstrings 90
Glutes 45
Pecs 90
Delts 45
Biceps 70
Quads 135
Calves 45

Here’s what she could do with that fitness:

  • Run 11-minute miles.
  • Row 500 meters in just under 2 minutes, twice in a row.
  • Swim in the ocean with some effort.
  • Workout with 25% to 50% of the heaviest weights on our strength machines.

We Had Her Do Less to Gain More

We told her to do strength training as little as twice per week, for 30 minutes each workout. That was a lot less exercise than she was accustomed to doing. Unsure about our methods, she wanted us to incorporate what she was used to doing. She was willing to give us a try but not willing to let go of all that was familiar to her.

During those first months, she gradually did less of her old exercise, until she was doing the amount that we told her to do. She saw that our brief and intense workouts were giving her even more benefits than the exercise that she had been doing. Amy’s muscular fitness—her muscular strength, power, and endurance—improved at a rate and to a degree that she had not seen before.

Then She Became One of the Fittest in Philadelphia

Within 14 months, Amy could run 7.5-minute miles, stop, and then use a single leg to repeatedly lift the entire weight stack of our hardest leg machine. The stack weighs 245 pounds! Only one of the fittest in Philadelphia can do that. Even fewer can do it in their 40s, like Amy.

Several of her major muscles doubled or nearly doubled in strength. Here are the total-body strength measurements when she started and then 16 months later.

Lats 80 175
Triceps 70 95
Hamstrings 90 155
Glutes 45 70
Pecs 90 135
Delts 45 90
Biceps 70 120
Quads 135 245
Calves 45 100

The increased fitness led to an equally dramatic increase in performance because she could:

  • Run 7.5-minute miles, down from 11-minute miles.
  • Row 500 meters in under 2 minutes, six times in a row, up from twice in a row.
  • Swim effortlessly in the ocean for 45 minutes, even though she no longer practices swimming.
  • Lift 60% to 100% of the heaviest weights on our strength machines–and our machines have extra-heavy weight stacks!

Here’s How We Did It

Our strategy is to use the proven methods to alter gene expression for desirable results. We rely on three tactics:

  • Controlled momentum
  • High intensity
  • Exhausting efforts

We achieve what we set out to do and our results always come with a money-back guarantee. Our total injury rate is just 1%, so we’re safe.

But our personal training program is only for a certain kind of person. Someone who is determined to exercise and who has the drive to do hard exercise, who has the mental toughness to make a 100% effort even when feeling less than 100%, who responsibly shows up and follows instructions, and who trusts that our professional statements are believable. People with those attitudes, or who are willing to develop them, will thrive here.

Just like Amy.