A guy who recently joined The Training Station called me a couple of weeks ago. He said, “If you don’t mind me asking, why do you limit the number of members? It sounds like a great idea. But the other gyms don’t do it. How are you able to do it?” There are only so many people that can be in a gym at the same time. You figure that number by counting each piece of equipment and counting each available locker room space and toilet.

Multiply that number by two constants. One constant will give you the lower limit of the range of total members that the gym can have, the other constant will give the upper limit of that range. The two constants are based on membership and attendance data collected from a variety of gyms.

Gym owners should pay attention once the number of members enters the range of total members that the gym can have. It’s pretty easy to see when no new applications should be accepted. Everybody knows what a crowded gym looks like. We’re all willing to do some waiting and some improvising when we visit the gym.

But no one wants to be shutout.