June 24th 2015
Members, future members, and friends:
Remember that small announcement? It’s still relevant. Well, most of it.
We announced that we would open early for a preview on July 6th. You know how Phil always buys super pricey, rare, but awesome equipment? Well, he does and he did it again. The stuff’s awesome. Most gyms don’t do awesome the way we do awesome. It’s so awesome that they have to send us specialists to install it. It’s intense — some of the machines are hard-wired to the internet! That should be fun to figure out how to work! Then they have to calibrate the machines. All told, it will still take them a few days to install. It’s kind of cool. Actually it’s really cool. We’re excited.
Unfortunately…. the equipment won’t be installed until the end of the week of July 13th. We’re going to try to have a preview then, stay tuned.
As for July 20th — we’re still on! Grand opening! See the post below for details…