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Training Station founder Phil Clark, and friends, write about the gym, fitness and life.

Our air purifiers are coronavirus killers

By Phil Clark / December 4, 2020

The community spread of coronavirus led state officials to close temporarily “non-essential” businesses. Gyms were included in that big group and we were forced closed for about four months. During that time we asked the technician that maintains our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, “Are there any air purifiers that can kill this virus?”…

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City announces new business restrictions

By Phil Clark / November 16, 2020

Philadelphia City officials on November 16 announced changes to restrictions on businesses, events and gatherings, and other activities. The new restrictions will begin on Friday, November 20 and will remain in place through January 1, 2021. Gyms are prohibited from operating during that time. The Health Commissioner of Philadelphia explained the new restrictions during a press conference…

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running with a mask

Running with a mask can be dangerous for some

By Phil Clark / May 5, 2020

Running for some is an “Essential Personal Activity,” to quote the section of the Mayor of Philadelphia’s Stay at Home Order that permits such activities. I was a long-time runner before the Order and I have continued to run throughout its duration. Eleven days after the Order became effective, the CDC recommended the following: “Wearing…

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gyms can be safe

Gyms can be safe

By Phil Clark / April 17, 2020

Human coronavirus, cold and flu viruses, and common bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus often lurk on surfaces and wait to infect. There is no doubt that gyms can be safe spaces that protect members from dangerous viruses and microbes. Much of the fight comes down to following the good guidance from the Center for Disease Control…

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temporarily close

City of Philadelphia to close temporarily some businesses

By Phil Clark / March 27, 2020

We are all aware that governments have taken action to prevent the spread of the 2019 coronavirus disease. By order of the Mayor and Health Commissioner of Philadelphia, many businesses in the city are prohibited from operating, effective March 16 and continuing until further notice. The Training Station Gym and Run Shoe Store are unfortunately…

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Coronavirus: What we’re doing to protect people

By Phil Clark / March 14, 2020

We always want to do business with a clean conscience. The best way to achieve that is by adopting consumer-friendly practices. That certainly means following local, state, and national guidelines for gyms as they operate during this pandemic. We are going to discuss the other things that we do to make this a place that…

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What’s the best variation of the deadlift?

By Phil Clark / January 18, 2020

Different variations of the deadlift put the body in different positions; they also require the barbell to travel different lengths. People compete in the deadlift and the sport has a name—powerlifting—and an international governing body—the International Powerlifting Federation—that allows two variations of the deadlift to be used in competition: the conventional and the sumo. Outside…

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How to strengthen the knees

By Phil Clark / January 11, 2020

The time-honored way to strengthen the knees is to add resistance to the movements that they can make. These movements, which are called anatomical movements, are knee flexion, knee extension, knee medial rotation, and knee lateral rotation. Machines, free weights, tubes, bands, and even hands can be used to resist those movements. Resisting the movements…

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aerobic machines

What are the best aerobic machines for bad knees?

By Phil Clark / January 4, 2020

According to IHRSA, the leading trade association for the fitness business, the most popular aerobic machines are treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, stair climbing machines, rowers, and cardio cross trainers. We have all of those at The Training Station Gym, (except stair climbing machines). But which one is kind on bad knees? You may need…

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It’s a good idea to do cardio PLUS other exercise.

By Phil Clark / December 28, 2019

Let’s call cardio, or aerobic, exercise that which is cyclical and continuous, lasting 10 minutes or longer. It is one of the two main types of exercise. The other being strength exercise, which we’ll describe as intermittent and without a minimum duration. Some people at The Training Station Gym always go directly to the barbell…

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