Our attitude is that personal training consumers are buying a result, not simply a service. We have built a personal training program that gets results, each and every time. Here are the steps in our process.

Step 1

personal training program

First is a two-part interview that begins with the staff and that ends with me. We ask the most important questions related to personal training. Those questions reveal what must be known about the customer, a complete image of the ends that she has in mind, and any red flags. Then I tell her the best means towards those ends.

Step 2

personal training program

The next step is to write a proposal. It states the objectives, proposes the best means to achieve each objective, gives the rationale for each proposal, describes how I will measure progress, and lists all the prices and instructions for scheduling. Each proposal quantifies the precise amount of exercise required to get the desired results.

Step 3

personal training program

We gather a lot of data. We use a number of tools to make a profile of each major muscle’s ability so that we have a precise understanding of what ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ are for you.

I write each workout in advance of the scheduled session. I determine each exercise, the order of exercises, the weights to be lifted, and the number of times it will be lifted. When there is an aerobic portion to the workout, I determine the machine to be used, the number of calories to be burned, the average work intensity, and the machine’s settings.

When one of my staff supervises, he and I spend time before the workout reviewing every detail. We anticipate where on-the-spot changes may need to be made.

Step 4

personal training program

We come together to do the workout!

When there is an aerobic component, we push the right buttons and at the right time for you to do the amount of work that you’re supposed to be doing. Every calorie burned is recorded and we measure your rate of perceived exertion.

When doing weight training, we record every repetition of each weight lifted and every second it took to lift it. We let you know what you previously achieved and encourage you to do some amount more.

Our personal training program works

Kyle’s personal trainer moved, after 3 years of training him, so he decided to give us a try. Exactly three workouts later Kyle pointed to a bulging triceps muscle and said, “I didn’t see anything like this when I was going to my last trainer. I’m glad I’m here.”