There Are Smartphone Holders on the Cybex Eagle Machines!

So, download the Cybex Eagle NX app and bring your phone to the workout.

App Features:

*Set-up guide to ensure exercisers are using the machine in the right way with good form

*Diagram of muscles each machine targets

*Videos demonstrating the standard movements for each machine to acquaint all levels of exercisers with the equipment

*Advanced videos for movements that can be performed on each machine, so that even more experienced exercisers can benefit from progressive training options

*Fitness tips and links to cardio equipment resources (such as the Arc Trainer) to ensure exercisers are getting a full range of workout choices

*Ability to scan QR codes to see the virtual placard for each machine

Phil Clark

Phil is the proud founder, owner, and manager of The Training Station, Philly's Award Winning Gym, and Run Shoe Store, known for it's premium sneaker fittings.