STRIDE is the way to beat boredom on the treadmill and to learn all the ins and outs of a treadmill, all while going through a complete running experience! It’s Philly’s best all-treadmill running class.

Let’s face it, treadmills can be boring. But sometimes you need one.

There are days when running outside is worse than running on a treadmill. There are times when it’s more convenient to run on a treadmill, especially if you combine treadmill running with other gym exercises.

If you’re going to run on a treadmill, it may as well be interesting. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed a complete running class—called STRIDE. The treadmill will be anything but boring during this class!

Each STRIDE instructor has crafted a one-of-a-kind running class. And Phil Clark, our owner and founder, has helped them fine-tune those classes. So each class participant gets the benefit of Phil’s experience and know-how.

Phil’s opinion matters—he was an Olympic caliber runner that trained and competed professionally. He’s been running for 31 years and counting.

A running class that includes all kinds of running

running class

During a STRIDE class, you’ll cover some miles. That’s to be expected. The fun part is the way that you will cover them.

Sometimes you’ll be running just at your anaerobic threshold. Other times you may be sprinting. When you start to tire the instructor may tell you to walk a bit—on an incline. You’ll do all the types of running that you may be familiar with—like intervals, and sprints, and hills—as well as stuff you may have never heard of.

Learn how to really operate a treadmill

running class

We’ll show you the best way to enter and exit a treadmill, whether at rest or when the belt is moving. You will learn how to make sure the calorie counts are accurate. We’ll show you how to use the feedback screens—that means you’ll see only what you want to see. Want TV? No problem. Want to see your stats? We’ll show you how. How about TV and stats? Done. Want to see nothing but a black screen? Our treadmills can do that, too.

You’re always in charge

running class

We give assignments that are always within your reach. For example, we’ll never tell the entire class to “run the next 3 minutes at 9 miles per hour!” Instead, we’ll tell you to increase or decrease speed, over or under your baseline speed. (We’ll show you how to find your baseline speed.)

You won’t need our permission to go to the bathroom or to get some water—just go handle your business. If you need to stop during the class to get yourself together, stop. When you’re ready to hop back in, hop back in.

If you think you can increase the speed more than the instructor told you–go for it!

At all points in time, you will always have the power to surge forward, hold back, or just stay comfortable.

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