First, they have a sordid past.

Pennsylvania residents had so many problems with gyms and contracts that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of PA had to protect them with the Health Club Act.

The purpose of the Act is to prohibit “false and misleading advertising and dishonest, deceptive and unscrupulous practices by which the public has been injured in connection with contracts for health club services.”

To be sure, gym contracts are allowed in PA. But my reading of the Act leads to the conclusion that they are discouraged, and for good reason.

Second, who likes signing consumer service contracts?

I don’t like the idea that I can’t leave my telephone carrier whenever I want to. (At least they subsidize my iPhone. I never heard of a gym that’s giving away smartphones.)

When it’s your time to leave The Training Station Gym, I want your experience to be as pleasant and straightforward as it was when you joined.

When you have the opportunity, go run in the rain. Because there’s something about rainfall that makes you run a little faster!