Hi Everyone!
The first week is going really well. We’re not sure everyone realizes we’re back yet so that will certainly be a fun surprise when they do!
One thing I’d like to discuss is that we are accepting new members. We know at the old location, many of you enjoyed our small size. We can’t reiterate this enough — our membership will still cap at a certain number and revert to a waitlist. But, for the time being, we have opening. We urge you to invite your friends, family, or anyone you know who would appreciate and enjoy The Training Station, to join. We want members and we like the ones we have — like-minded folks in search of an alternative to, well, other local “health clubs.” It benefits all of us. If you don’t know anyone, we won’t twist your arm, but writing a review about us on Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, or wherever, certainly helps — like minded people will see it. And, believe it or not (we never really did) following us on these social media outlets helps.Keep in mind, this isn’t to sell memberships — they’re selling quickly. This is to maintain a certain type of gym-goer.
Also — We’re hiring! We’re looking for a handful of people to join the team. Don’t worry, we don’t think Phil is pulling back on the hours. Instead, we want him to be more available to the members while making sure the gym doesn’t collapse. It’s a bigger facility now, with awesome stuff to maintain. We want to have people around to help out on the equipment, spot members, and even fit shoes. Posted here is a description of job. If you know anyone who may be interested, please forward them the listing! We trust our members, and their friends and family. The best way to maintain our community is to attract other like-minded folk. It’s an awesome chance to get some great experience with one of the best trainers in Philly.
This blog will get interesting. We promise.
Thanks Everyone!