You glance at the menu board to know the number of calories in your bacon cheeseburger value meal. Where do you find the number of calories that your workout will burn? Why not at your gym? That’s why we created The Training Station Weight Loss Calculator.

If a member plans to do, for example, 20 minutes of TRX exercises and 30 minutes of treadmill running, a few keystrokes and the weight loss calculator would tell us that she’s going to burn 523 calories.

But that’s just the beginning. If you tell us your height, weight, age, and gender we can tell you:

  • The amount of exercise needed to lose weight
  • The amount of exercise needed to maintain weight
  • The amount of exercise needed for health benefits
  • Your Body Mass Index—which may be considered the ideal weight range for your height.

How Ronald Burr used the weight loss calculator

weight loss calculator

Actual image from The Training Station Gym Weight Loss Calculator

Ron stood 5’8”, weighed 210 pounds and was 34 years old. He wanted to lose at least 20 pounds. His plan was to exercise 5 days per week.

He didn’t want to run but enjoyed lifting weights. “Can I lose 20 pounds by lifting weights?”

We first had to calculate the number of calories he would have to burn for significant weight loss, which in his case was defined as 11 or more pounds. The result was 495 calories per workout. Using weight lifting to burn those calories, he would have to lift heavy weights with little rest, for 45 minutes each workout, 5 days per week.

“That sounds like a lot of weight lifting. I don’t know if I can handle that.”

That’s when we went back to the weight loss calculator and ran some more numbers. We calculated that he could burn 520 calories in 40 minutes on the elliptical. He would have to exercise at a vigorous intensity, which is not so hard that he couldn’t talk, but hard enough that he probably wouldn’t want to.

“I don’t love the elliptical, but it’s better than the treadmill. I’ll alternate between the elliptical and lifting weights. I can do this!”

How Mimi Washington used the weight loss calculator

weight loss calculator

Actual image from The Training Station Gym Weight Loss Calculator

Mimi stood 5’2”, weighed 165 pounds and was 40 years old. She wanted to be a normal weight for her height, which meant losing at least 29 pounds. She had time to exercise three nights per week.

She didn’t like weights, so we told her to use the aerobic machines. She would have to burn 649 calories per workout, which wouldn’t be easy for a person her stature.

“What do you mean?” she asked. We told her that it would take her more time to burn 649 calories than it would a heavier person. Burning 649 calories would take her 57 minutes of treadmill running at 5.0 miles per hour, whereas it would take the much-heavier Ronald Burr 45 minutes at the same exact values.

“I would have to do an hour of cardio each workout? That sounds boring!”

If she was going to exercise just 3 times per week, we told her to be prepared to be bored. Especially considering that any exercise other than running would take even longer than an hour.

But if she was willing to exercise 6 times per week—she could finish the workout a lot faster. In that case, she would need to burn 324 calories per workout, which she could do in 30-40 minutes, regardless of the aerobic exercise she selected.

“I didn’t plan to come to the gym that much, but all I can handle is about 30-40 minutes, anything longer and I’ll lose my mind!”

We suggested that she occasionally come back and ask us to recalculate her caloric expenditure—because she’ll need to burn fewer calories per workout as she loses weight.

Then we added that she should think about spending a few minutes getting comfortable with the strength machines—touch them, sit on them, and watch people use them.

How you can use the weight loss calculator

weight loss calculator

Actual image from The Training Station Gym Weight Loss Calculator

Those are just two of many examples of how we help people lose weight based on the numbers. At the conversation’s end, each person was much more prepared to lose weight through exercise.

We always ask for the same information:

  • Your weight, height, age, and gender
  • The exercises you like
  • The exercises you don’t like
  • The number of times you’ll exercise per week

Then we’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need to do in The Training Station Gym!