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Explain the no contract thing.

Life is life. So, when you sign up, there’s no contract. No obligations. No extra re-enrollment fees. No hidden cancellation.

How is this different from other gyms?

You’ve heard gyms make the pitch: “Sign up now for 12 months and get….” etc.? We hate that too. So we do the opposite. We maintain excellent resources, keep prices standard, and provide a unique non-binding membership agreement. Affordable, convenient, friendly, knowledgeable, clean — the list goes on. This fundamental ideology defines The Training Station. It creates a community conducive of optimal health, enjoyment, respect, and ease.
It’s the way a gym should be.
It’s just better.

Do you charge an enrollment fee?

Yes. It’s a one-time fee of $75 per household.

Are there ever any promotions on memberships?

Once you join at a given membership price, you’ll stay at the price as long as you remain a member, even if the published membership price increases.

Are there discounts for students/military service members/police officers/government workers?

No. But we thank you for your service, hard work, and dedication!


What’s the guest policy?

Non-members are welcome to buy a Day Pass for $15. If you are a Day Pass customer and decide that day to join, we’ll deduct the price of the Day Pass from your up-front joining fees.

Do you offer a month or a week pass—how much is it?

We offer a month pass; it costs $50. If you decide to stay longer than a month—which we’ll be happy to hear!—you’ll be charged the one-time enrollment fee.

Do you offer free trials?

No, but you are welcome to come in to try out the gym with a Day Pass or Month Pass (see above.)


How long have you been in business?

The Training Station was founded in 2009, at its original location at the Piazza on 2nd Street. We have been at the 6th and Spring Garden location since 2016.

Where are you located—are you no longer on 2nd street?

We’re at 533 Spring Garden Street, between 5th and 6th Streets, closer to 6th Street, on Spring Garden. We’re still a convenient walk from the Piazza, or the Spring Garden MFL Station.

How do I enter from the street?

Enter by car from 6th street or 5th street. A car cannot enter the parking lot from Spring Garden Street.

Is there parking—is it free or timed?

Parking in front of the gym is free and open. If - by chance - the lot is full, there is street parking on Spring Garden that is paid and timed. But, the lot is rarely full. Plus, we offer a big bike rack for bike parking - great for your health and the environment!

Is this the only location?

Yes, this is the only location of The Training Station gym in Philadelphia.

Which holidays are you closed?

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Why aren't you open on Sunday?

We used to open on Sunday--during our first 3 years. But few members came. A typical member will come almost daily between Monday and Friday and perhaps Saturday. So it made sense to close on Sunday.

The second reason is that it takes a special staff to deliver the services that our members expect—expertly fitted running shoes, great personal training, innovative group classes, top-notch customer care. To gain that much experience, the staff have to work here a lot, meaning everyday or just about everyday. They need a break or else they’ll burn-out.

What’s the snow-closure policy?

We normally close whenever the City of Philadelphia declares a snow emergency—but not always. Check our Facebook page before, during and after snow storms.

Do members get discounts on apparel or sneakers?



What’s the busiest time in the gym? 

In the morning from 5:30-8:30AM, and then again in the evening from about 5:30-8:30PM, especially Monday through Wednesday.

Why don’t you have mirrors?

A good kinesthetic sense is necessary in order to move properly. Kinesthetic sense, or proprioception, is the ability to accurately feel the position of the limbs and the posture of the body. A person with good kinesthetic sense, for example, who feels that he is standing with his shoulders back, actually is standing with his shoulders back. But a person with poor kinesthetic sense would feel that he is standing with his shoulders back when, in fact, he is not.

In far too many people, there is a difference between what they feel their bodies doing and what their bodies really are doing.

Good kinesthetic sense is the result of movement and conscious feeling. Staring at a mirror while moving does not challenge kinesthetic sense. A well-understood way to challenge proprioception is to close the eyes. That’s why a common field sobriety test is to have the subject touch his nose with his eyes closed.

By eliminating mirrors from the workout floor, we create an environment in which you may better concentrate on feeling and challenge your proprioception. Over time, you’ll better understand what proper form feels like.

There are some difficult movements, like the complex choreography that expert dancers have to master, that require mirrors. The relatively simple movements seen at gyms— flexions, extensions, rotations, adductions, and abductions—do not require mirrors. With adequately developed proprioception, anyone can precisely perform those movements.

In the meantime, if you must see what’s happening, just look at yourself!

Do you have a scale?

Yes. It’s a calibrated medical scale.

Where can I leave my things while working out?

We have locker rentals available for $20 a month, which can be reserved at the gym. We also have daily lockers that can be used free of charge - just bring a lock! And we even have cell-phone lockers in the member’s coatroom!

What is that contraption next to the treadmills—can I use it?

It’s the Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill!! You can use it, but only in personal training sessions, and only if your trainer prescribes it. Learn more about our equipment here.

What are the plyo box heights?

• 36 inches
• 24 inches
• 18 inches
• 12 inches
• 6 inches

What do the following weigh: ez curl, short bar, training bar, men's and women's weightlifting bars, powerlifting bars, sled and weight vest?

• Ez curl bar = 25 lbs
• Training bar (blue cap) = 15 lbs
• Hex/DL bar/trap bar = 60 lbs
• Short bar (black cap) = 30 lbs
• Women's elite Olympic weightlifting bar (yellow strips) = 33 lbs or 15kg
• Men's elite Olympic weightlifting bar (blue strips) = 44 lbs or 20kg
• Powerlifting bars = 44 lbs (clips add additional 1 lbs)
• Safety Bar = 70 lbs
• Sled = 80 lbs
• Weighted Vest = 20 lbs

How fast are your treadmills ?

Top speed of 15.6 mph... 3:51 second mile


Are there any cancellation fees?


What is your refund policy?

It’s a month-to-month membership so… no refunds!

How do I cancel my membership? Why do I have to email?

Just send us an email to cancel your membership.   It takes 3 business days to process the cancellation. Sometimes, a member is billed after they request a cancellation but before the cancellation is processed. In those cases, sometimes the member reaches out to us for an explanation. When we have the cancellation request as an email, we can clearly show why the charge occurred (typically because the request came too close to the scheduled billing date).

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership. The freeze period must be at least 30 days (we don’t freeze for fewer days than 30). To freeze, just send us an email; and remember that it takes 3 business days to process the freeze.

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