Group Strength

Build strength, get toned, and stay lean with a Group Strength Class at the Training Station.

Athletic Circuit Training

The Training Station offers a one of a kind group strength class—called Athletic Circuit Training— designed by founder and owner Phil Clark. He has coached pro athletes and Olympic hopefuls and is bringing his knowledge and conditioning expertise to TTS gym members and non-members alike in these classes.


Train at Your Level

Staff trainers who run the classes work with everyone from advanced athletes to workout beginners. The amount of each exercise is set by length of time, not by reps, so you do as much or as little as you can in each set. Ready to up your game? For some exercises, you can up your weight, or just your speed. And trainers are always there to help you exercise at the right intensity.

We Prefer Small Group Fitness

We recruit the best instructors to provide intimate small group instruction. Small class sizes promote an atmosphere conducive to peak performance due to the instructor’s ability to provide individual attention to each student. The average class size is only 6-8 people.

gain muscle
Dumbbells 50 pounds

Learn New Moves

In this class, you will learn how to do a variety of strength exercises. The workouts will incorporate plyometrics, TRX, kettle bells, tubes, barbells, dumbbells, jump ropes, medicine balls, stability balls, battle ropes, monkey bars…and a lot more! It’s a total body workout that includes every muscle. The average woman will burn about 589 calories, about 634 for the average man.

Sign Up on Your Time

As a member, you can learn about equipment at the Training Station for future workouts. As a non-member, you can see what the Training Station has to offer, or just get a good weekly strength workout, without the monthly gym membership commitment.

Classes are $5 for members. Members can book in person at the gym or on the phone at (215) 964-9558 to get member pricing.

The price is just $20 for non-members, and this includes a Day Pass to the gym, private changing rooms, showers and free parking. You can pay at the gym before class, by credit card or cash.