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The Training Station was born to be a better gym.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Training Station is to provide the best experience possible - from our state-of-the-art equipment, to our knowledgeable staff and trainers, to our commitment to cleanliness, to our “sign up and cancel anytime” policy. We strive to avoid all of the excess baggage and hassles of gyms and gym memberships, like constant sales pitches and hard to navigate contracts.

Phil Clark training collage

How It Began

The Training Station gym was founded in 2009 by runner, pro athlete trainer and fitness guru, Phil Clark. The first location was at the Piazza at Schmidts on 2nd Street. That was where we worked on changing the game for Philadelphia gyms. We invested in the best cardio and weight equipment and kept ourselves to the highest standards of gym maintenance. We developed a loyal membership base at that location, who followed when we moved to Spring Garden Street, between 5th and 6th Streets, in December of 2015.

Where We Are Today

At our current location, we are set up with a modern, pristine facility, somewhat tucked away in a shopping center with plenty of bike and car parking out front. Our members come from all over Philadelphia, and the gym is accessible by public transportation, as well.

We have even more high-octane equipment, like a treadmill that allows users to run a 3:51 mile, or weight platforms that absorb hundreds of pounds of shock, letting lifters train hard.

The staff we employ - who oversee the gym and work as personal trainers and group strength trainers - are held to a high standard of knowledge and expertise.

Training Station barbell platform window shot
run shoe store products shirts and shoes

Make Sure To Check Out Run Shoe Store!

We are also proud that we share an entrance and our space with Phil Clark’s Run Shoe Store, a running shoe shop focused on fit and quality, above all else. Run Shoe Store employees, (and oftentimes, Phil himself), do custom sneaker fittings - even encouraging customers to take a run on the turf in the Training Station to test shoes out. 

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the Training Station, start by Exploring The Gym, learning about Membership or checking out our Press.

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