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Our Philosophy

People are not identical - no two are exactly alike. Personal training should live up to its name and be based entirely on the individual. There should be no two personal training programs exactly alike. That’s our argument. It’s a common industry practice for fitness professionals to create a standard training program and use that program on all clients, sometimes with some adjustments to better suit the individual, and to call that personal training. That’s not our way.

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Our Personal Training Program

We build a training program - from the ground up - that we believe is the best means towards the ends that each client has in mind, a program that includes only the exercises that make sense for that client. How do we know what the client needs? We ask a lot of questions. We want to know what exercises you’ve done, what you are doing now, and hope to be doing next; what your underlying conditions are; which exercises you love and the ones you hate; and what you ultimately want to achieve through personal training.

Unrivaled Expertise

Founder and owner, Phil Clark, has had over 30 years of experience competing and training at the world-class level, coaching top athletes, and writing about fitness. He brings this knowledge to each client at The Training Station. He works with each trainer on staff to review the client’s interview and together, they determine the best exercises, the best order of those exercises, how the client is going to cope with those exercises, and how the trainer should handle the things that we predict will happen during the workout. No matter who you train with at the Training Station, you’re getting a world class workout plan, completely customized to you.

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Who is Personal Training right for?

  • People seeking improved physique:

    The guy that wants bigger arms, the mom who want to lose baby weight, and the man whose doctor ordered him to lose weight.

  • People seeking improved performance:

    The runner who wants to be faster, the athlete that wants to qualify for the US Olympic Trials, the NFL pro that wants to play with the starters, and the high school athlete that wants to make the varsity team.

  • People seeking improved understanding:

    The person who wants to learn how to use the machines at the gym, the person who wants to learn how to use the TRX, and the person who wants to learn how to squat, bench, deadlift, press, clean and jerk, or snatch.

  • People seeking improved health:

    The 30-something guy who needs accountability in order to exercise, the business owner too busy to exercise on her own, and the guy who only feels comfortable strength training with a trainer.

  • People who have been told they cannot train:

    The runner with degenerative nerve disease that wants to somehow keep running, the woman with auto-immune disease wreaking havoc on her joints—but who nonetheless wants to keep up her very active lifestyle, and the traumatic brain injury patient that wants to walk normally again although physical therapy has failed to restore his gait.

We’ve handled all of these cases, and more.

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No matter who you are, or how far you need to go, we can help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us by email, phone or just come on in to get started. You can also fill out a Membership Inquiry if you want to become a member, and receive lower pricing on personal training.