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Measurable Results Or Your Money Back

Our Philosophy

There are definite methods that produce definite results in due time. For example, do you want to be, look, and feel strong? Then we’ll have you lift weights until the muscle’s immediate energy sources are depleted. Because that’s a definite way to alter gene expression to increase production of the proteins that help create well-functioning muscle. Do you want to stop fatiguing too soon and too often? We’ll have you do age-and-gender-specific cardio that trains your body to absorb a target amount of oxygen. That’s the definite way to raise aerobic fitness to excellent levels. You want to lose weight through exercise? Then burn a specific number of calories per pound of body weight. Because that will definitely achieve clinically significant weight loss without dietary reduction. You want to build a bodybuilder’s physique? Then use strength exercises to repeatedly exhaust muscles. That’s the fail-proof way to develop maximum muscularity. And how long does it take to see results from one-to-one training? About 3 months. If not, you get your money back.

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Our Personal Training Program

We do up to three hours of collecting data from each client. The important details will vary from person to person but experience has taught us that you should:

  • Do weightlifting circuit-training to be, look, and feel strong.
  • Burn at least 26 calories per kilogram of body weight per week to lose weight through exercise alone.
  • Do high-intensity interval training for excellent aerobic fitness.
  • Do straight-sets with limited rest for the biggest muscles.
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Stuck In Our Ways

People have many conversations with us about personal training. The longest talks have been about these particular (and stubborn) habits of ours:

  1. We select the exercises that are included and excluded from the workouts done under our supervision.
  2. We practice one type of exercise for strength but an entirely different type of exercise for cardio.
  3. We explain our practices but have no comment on the differing ideas, opinions, and claims that abound in fitness.
  4. We are savvy about medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, and sports but believe that questions about those fields are best answered by physicians, physical therapists, registered dietitians, and coaches.

Unrivaled Expertise

Founder and operator, Phil Clark, has had over 30 years of experience competing and training at the world-class level, coaching top athletes, and writing about fitness. He brings this knowledge to each client at The Training Station. He works with each staff-instructor to determine the best exercises to do (and the exercises to avoid), the best order of those exercises, how the client should be instructed to do those exercises, and what to do when the client struggles to follow the instructions. No matter who you train with at The Training Station Gym, you’re getting a world class workout with expert instruction, completely customized to you.

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Who is Personal Training right for?

  • People seeking improved physique:

    Riley was 108 pounds on the day that she learned about her second pregnancy. When she delivered her daughter, on 11/18/16, Riley weighed 150 pounds. She started training to get back down to 108. On 4/1/17 she weighed 109 pounds. And she lifted more and looked stronger than ever before!

  • People seeking improved performance:

    Anna is on the US National Team for her sport. She came to us just-recovered from injuries. She was unable to do most strength exercises. We used about two dozen assessments to identify the ones that she could do. Then she used those safe exercises to gradually improve her strength—which had fallen to very low levels. When she started exercising on the Cybex Glute, for example, she could only single-leg lift 50% of the machine’s weight stack. About 4 months later, she was using a single leg to repeatedly lift the machine’s entire weight stack...which weighs 245 pounds!

  • People seeking improved understanding:

    Already a strong triathlete, Simone wanted us to make her stronger. We showed her how to do the best exercises, how to collect data, and how to know when to increase the weights. “This makes so much sense,” she said, “Now I can track my strength development just like I track the rest of my training!”

  • People seeking improved health:

    Rob wanted a stronger core to better deal with his chronic low back pain. But we told him to strengthen his body without focusing on the core. He was doubtful but gave us a chance. He stayed with us for six months, improved the strength of his major muscles by an average of 37%, and didn’t have any low back problems.

  • People who have been told they cannot train:

    After a years-long layoff from running, Michele came to us and got her 5K back. Then she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was told to stop exercising and lost all of her running fitness. But she eventually came back to us to resume training on 2/5/18. She ran another 5K on 4/27/18.

We’ve handled all of these cases, and more.

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No matter who you are, or how far you need to go, we can help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us by email, phone or just come on in to get started. You can also fill out a Membership Inquiry if you want to become a member, and receive lower pricing on personal training.